Friday, April 15, 2016

The Story So Far; Dusty injured

Well up until yesterday things were going pretty smooth. The tour was receiving good reviews and happy fans when Dusty apparently fell backstage yesterday evening and dislocated his shoulder. This is the second major injury for Dusty in the past two years. I don't think it means anything aside from bad luck - he's looked well up on the stage so I don't see any systemic issues afoot.

Anyways the tour has been indefinitely postponed and this type of injury can take four to six weeks to heal. One potential positive outcome is Billy and the guys head back into the studio due to the downtime and finish working on some tracks, maybe even get enough together for a new album (combined with some leftover La Futura cuts).

Lastly I haven't seen any live recordings pop up from this year. If anyone has taped a show or has a source on one please let me know.

Get well soon Dust!

Friday, March 25, 2016

2016 tour

Well the tour is in full swing. Many updates can be found over on ZZ's Facebook fan page (the unofficial one) however be mindful that the posts are often through rose colored glasses. Criticism of the band is not allowed so it's mostly "the greatest" and "amazing show" and all that stuff.

Here at Antenna Head News I've never really minced words and I plan to continue being candid. Case in point the new set list isn't really what I would call new. They added "Beer Drinkers" as the new opener, took away "Sixteen Tons" and also removed the BarBQue and Sloppy Drunk from "La Grange" (as least at some of the gigs). Its basically the same set list since 2014.

But I can't complain too much. The set list changes in 2012 and 2013 were amazing, so we can always hold out hope that some new and rare stuff will creep its way in.

As always I love to hear comments from others so share what's on your mind. As long as it pertains to ZZ I don't censor...

Friday, March 18, 2016

Opening Night

Well today is the day. ZZ once again meets spring with a new road show coming to a municipality near you. Thackerville, OK is first up - a casino that they really play pretty often. Must be a good draw for the area. After all what's better than drinking, gambling and ZZ...well I can think of a few things but no matter.

Just for fun I'll play the set list guessing game. First, the wishful thinking set list:

1) Under Pressure
2) Sleeping Bag
3) I Thank You
4) Bus
5) Jesus
6) Nationwide
7) Gotsta Get Paid
8) Ten Foot Pole
9) Fool For Your Stockings
10) New song off rumored upcoming release
11) Ten Dollar Man
12) Chartruese
13) Gimme
14) Sharp
15) Legs
16) Viva
17) Grange
18) Tush
19) Sixteen Tons

and now for reality:

1) Pressure
2) Bus
3) Chicago
4) Pincushion
5) Nationwide
6) Gotsta Get Paid
7) Flyin High
8) X
9) Need You Tonight
10) Sunglasses
11) Foxy
12) Gimme
13) Sharp
14) Legs
15) Tube
16) Grange
17) Tush

Either way you never know...

Monday, March 7, 2016

Hola Amigos! ¿Como Estas?

Bienvenido a Antenna Head News Senors e Senoritas. Mucho tiempo sin verte.

Appears ZZ has been working on a few new tracks, one of which could appear in the upcoming film "American Dresser". The below article also indicates the new tracks will be played on the upcoming tour to begin this month. Quite a surprise if that comes to fruition.

¿Donde esta el sr. Volto!?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rest in Peace Frank Braun

Very sad to hear of the recent passing of Frank Braun. He was a well known ZZ Top fan in Europe who had a special relationship with the band and especially Billy. Frank has been invited on stage at shows before and the group always made a point to spend time with him when they were touring.

I had a few exchanges of correspondence with Frank in the past and he was always very kind and fun to speak with. He spoke highly of this blog which meant a lot to me. He also gave me the inside scoop about the impending release date news of "La Futura" about a week before it was officially announced which I felt truly reflected his passion both for the band and for fans who loved ZZ almost as much as he did.

Below is a very nice memorial composed by P. Anthony. I wish Frank all the best in his next life.

Paul Anthony's photo.

Monday, April 14, 2014

ZZ Top and Jeff Beck

Finally, a co-tour with ZZ that I can support. Great news to see these guys doing a tour together, and both playing full sets and apparently joining together to jam a little at the end. Should be fantastic stuff.

My friend in the Northeast has already committed to a show in Massachusetts and I'm debating about trying to see a few shows as well. So far the 2014 shows have been relatively low key without too many set list surprises (although "Catfish Blues" is a nice addition). Maybe Jeff Beck, who Billy admires particularly, will inspire the band to freshen it up a little for the co-tour.

I have yet to see any live recordings from this year aside from the Youtube clips and all that. If anybody has a complete recording of a show from this year please let me know.

ZZ will hit Europe soon where they continue to have an amazing following. I wonder how well "La Futura" sold across the pond....

Now that I think about it "Drive By Lover" would be a cool song to hear live...