Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Letter to a Friend

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Great to hear from you. Happy New Years as well. Yes 2013 proved to be very busy and 2014 looks to be more of the same. Thanks for the kind words regarding the web site - I miss sharing my thoughts and keeping fully up to speed on all things ZZ.

The full Rodeo lineup is set to be announced in a few days so I'm hoping they will play it this year. If so I'll make the trek to Houston. Outside of that I haven't kept up too much on announced tour dates. I did see them last spring and will make sure to see them this year if they come round.

It would be nice to hear La Futura part two but someone's gotta get off their duff to make it happen. Rubin is too busy spreading himself too thin working with everyone under the sun and I don't believe Billy and Rubin parted the best of ways. Seems Billy got frustrated at Rubin for the delays but then Billy's got no excuse - he never forces himself into the studio and hunkers down either.

I do believe Billy when he cites tons of solo recordings but its all just bits and pieces in varying states of completion. He gets off on floating from project to project, city to city and is unwilling to put in the time and effort it takes to make an album anymore. Just look at all the side projects he has picked up recently - playing with the Moving Sidewalks, playing a solo gig, recording on all these albums of other artists - I think he's afraid he'll rot if he doesn't keep moving. Almost like Mick Jagger. Remember in his earlier 30's he just floated around in Europe and Africa for three years doing nothing - I think he'd go crazy if he tried that now.

Personally I don't see how Dusty and Frank have the will to keep going. There is a lot of love there but no break since 2006 is crazy. Frank in particular looks pretty rough - he has put on weight and chain smokes continually. He quit smoking in the 80's but has picked it back up hard. I don't like to think about this aspect but its very real that any day people like Jimmy Page, Charlie Watts, Frank, etc. could meet their maker.

Jagger summed it up well - when asked how he felt about getting old he replied "it beats the alternative". What else is there to do but rock right?

I think Futura will very likely be the last release from ZZ while they are active. There could be another release down the road after they fold for whatever reason but its really all up to Billy and he's busy chasing the tumbleweeds.

Write back and take care


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