Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dusty (in the field)

Today's entry is courtesy of blog contributor and good friend Senor Volto:


So Dusty has just joined Facebook!  You can find his page at:

Good stuff!  Dusty seems to get right to the point when he tells a story (or now in his posts) and you don’t really have to read between the lines.  I really hope he keeps up the good posting.  The posts so far seem to be genuinely from him, and I think he will be fun to follow.  Also, there are pictures of the Dust from 2006 without the shades on. 

But the best news is his post last Wednesday that said he was "On my way to rehearsal for the big summer tour". To me this implies a new show for this year, or at least some new songs or other elements, because they certainly dont' have to rehearse the 2010-2011 set again after playing it almost a hundred times.

Wonder if Frank joins Facebook....



I (editor ZZ blues) will add that the band's often used videographer has recently traveled to Houston to shoot some new footage and publicity photos for the upcoming tour and (hopefully) new album. Looks like the band is doing it right.

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  1. Really glad to see "The Dust" do this. Kudos to him.