Monday, April 1, 2013

The State of Things....

Well, ZZ finished up the Australian leg last month. It went well, but ZZ was the middle act, playing before Guns N' Roses. Unfortunate that more often than not they are the opening band vs. the headliner these days.


The set list was unremarkable. They did play a full set show on 2013/03/15 in which they brought back Pincushion and Vincent Price Blues.

The highlight of the shows have been an even more expanded La Grange medley, with new variations and jamming from Billy.

The lowlights are the continued lack of support for La Futura, with only Gotsta and Chartreuse (and sometimes just Gotsta) being played. The group is lazy when it comes to challenging themselves to learn new songs. A significant lowlight is the fact the very vast majority of Dusty's vocals are lip-synched, including Tush. His voice seems to have left him more or less for good. It might be time for ZZ to pack it in...


The Sidewalks show was well received, and its nice to hear Billy playing something besides Jesus Just Left Chicago. Interesting that he is willing to challenge himself with different bandmates, but very little changes with ZZ. Let's hope Billy focuses his efforts on his solo work and possibly more Sidewalks events.

ZZ is slowly fading over the West Texas like a sunset, watch it while its still here...


  1. The sad reality is that they all are approaching their mid 60s. I'm 49 and I am not as chipper as I was even 2 years ago. I appreciate them hanging around for all of us this long. When they sign off into the West Tejas sunset, it will be a VERY VERY sad day for me.

  2. You're qui harsh on your comments, still they are lazy to learn new songs I agree, still the set-list doesn't move since bl**dy ages, but they are still around doing shows nearly 45 years since they started and we should feel blessed for that...

  3. Dustys vocal: Autotune, not lipsink (I think).

    The setlist 2012 was not a bad one. We got Chartreuse and Gotsa from La Futura. Vincent Price Blues, Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers, My heads in Mississippi and Stages also found its way to the setlist.

    If they had played for instanse 10 min longer sets they easily could fit in three more songs.


  4. Rumor has it it's not Dusty's vocals chords or voice but rather the tumor that makes it hard for him to hear. Basically he is closer to going def then loosing his voice.
    Sad....Don't count em out just yet. With some luck some modern medicine and a new record we might get one big ZZ 2 hour set, stage production farewell tour