Saturday, May 4, 2013

Robins in Flight / Welcome to 2013

Well, spring has arrived, and with it the ever churning ZZ engines are firing up. Two shows down, many to go. With that, there are some apparently big set list surprises this year. Spoilers below:

1) Precious and Grace   (first since 2003)
2) Heartache in Blue   (live debut)
3) Bus
4) Chicago
5) Flyin' High    (live debut)
6) Pincushion
7) X
8) Gotsta Get Paid
9) Gimme All Your Lovin'
10) Fool for Your Stockings   (first since 2005)
11) Mississippi
12) Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings   (first since 1997)
13) Certified Blues    (live debut)
14) Chartreuse
15) Sharp Dressed Man
16) Legs
17) Tube Steak Boogie
18) Viva Las Vegas
19) La Grange Medley
20) Tush

These are the initial set list reports, which mind you can be terribly inaccurate. If this is indeed the case however it is very exciting indeed! My only hope is that some of these early shows are recorded before any of the special tunes are dropped, or alternatively that the special tunes are not dropped!

"Certified Blues" is especially interesting. My initial theory would be that as the band looked back at the old albums for the upcoming new box set (by the way, all the original albums are being released with the original vinyl mixes on an upcoming box set to be released this year) that they came across this old chestnut and decided to give it a wurl. "Precious", "Heartache", "Stockings", and "Nasty Dogs" are all extremely exciting as well!

I will be seeing the band one week from today and will write up a full report.

Between the new box set and new live tunes, combined with a possible La Futura II, this could shape up to be a fantastic year!

Stay tuned....


  1. You see your prayers have been heard :)

  2. It's True! I checked the Memphis set from last night!

  3. Will be very excited to hear them do Heartache and Flyin High live. Can't wait till someone posts them on YouTube.

  4. I just found the first posting of Flyin High in Memphis. Their live version sounds a lot more like the original studio version rather than the one that appears on the album.